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Assisting youth in developing goals and defining what success means for them.  


Blessed 26, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2004 was designed to help youth define what success means for them and how to develop a plan to attain the personal life skills necessary to be successful and achieve their goals. Through various Blessed 26 programs and events such as Character Enrichment and Personal Development for athletes, The Board Room and Suited for Success, students are challenged and motivated to break through barriers, expand their comfort zones, and gain skills to improve their attitudes while encouraging them to obtain, utilize and enhance the untapped excellent qualities they do not realize they possess.


Blessed 26 aims to address the social ills our youth are experiencing such as the lack of education, pride, guidance, respect for humanity, and poverty.

We, as adults, regularly talk about our youth but rarely do we talk to our youth. Blessed 26 engages young men and women who are challenged, and through dialogue, we develop a bond thus creating a trusting relationship by which together we reveal what needs, challenges, obstacles and fears they face.


1. We formulate a plan of action and a path that will assist them to discover who they are, what their goals are, and how they plan to obtain them. By exposing youth to positive activities and events they normally do not experience, we believe it detours them from negative behavior. Assisting them in understanding what motivates them, channeling their efforts to developing a positive lifestyle, and becoming productive citizens will forever change their lives, and they will positively influence their communities.


2. Blessed 26 introduces young professionals to our students, providing them with real-life role models. These individuals provide guidance in addition to introducing various methods and positive ways by which they can use to help them discover the power, and the potential they have within.

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